Ten more Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtles released on Saturday

The Mississippi Aquarium released another batch of sea turtles into the Gulf, ceremoniously celebrating their rehabilitation.

These endangered critters were rescued in New England after being cold-stunned over the winter.

A sizable crowd gathered at the shore across from Edgewater Mall to bid farewell to the ten reptiles.

This marks the aquarium’s second release within 30 days. Vice President of Veterinary Services Alexa Delaune said, “I think everybody loves a sea turtle. They’re really charismatic animals. And you don’t often get to see them in real life, because they’re out there swimming in the ocean. So, you may only see them if they come onto land to nest, and you happen to be there. So, I think they’re a little bit enigmatic that way. And it gives people the opportunity to see an endangered species up close. And it’s a free event for the public, and we’re just really happy everyone comes out and supports us.”

The aquarium has about 30 more Kemp’s Ridley Sea turtles they plan to release in the coming months.

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