Temporary water outage stirs residents in East Biloxi

Residents tell News 25 they’re angry for being treated unfair during a water outage in East Biloxi.
Homes in the area where Biloxi city contractor Oscar Renda is working on roads experienced a water outage yesterday. According to residents, not everyone was notified. Residents on Bradford Street tell News 25 their water was out from 2 a.m. until 7:30 last night and they were not notified at all.
While other residents behind that area who did receive a flyer noting the water outage say they were given incorrect information.
Resident Chris Barnes, who has a mother with Alzheimer’s living on the street, tells News 25 this creates a big problem.“Like with the elderly, my mother has to be changed a couple times a day because with Alzheimer’s they lose control of their motor skills and these folks have limited income so they can’t just go out and continue to buy water and travel and things like that. It’s an extra expense without being notified.”
News 25 reached out to Oscar Renda and to the City of Biloxi and are waiting for a response.

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