Teen Driver Safety Week

October 16th through the 22nd is Teen Driver Safety Week, a reminder for young drivers to be alert and responsible behind the wheel.
In March of 2015, the Coast lost two D’Iberville students in a car accident: Jimmy and Amanda Ward.
Just last month, an 18-year-old former Ocean Springs High student lost his life in a car accident while driving on Belle Fontaine Road in Jackson County.
These tragedies are exactly why MDOT is pushing Teen Driver Safety Week and encouraging local law enforcement to remind teens of their responsibility behind the wheel. Lt. Shannon Nobles with D’Iberville Police Department said, “A decision you make in a split second could end your life or somebody else’s life. You should always be cautious and because it’s so quick. That’s why we say slow down, speed kills.”
MDOT recommends five tips for young drivers: do not drink and drive, avoid distractions such as texting and driving, always wear your seat belt, follow the speed limit, and limit to only one passenger in the car.

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