Team Memorial continues the fight against COVID-19 at a new pop-up site

The team at Memorial Hospital is continuing their fight against COVID-19 one pop-up site at a time.

Today, the team hosted another pop-up drive at the D’Iberville Community Center. This site was just one of at least 32 the team has planned to open this month.

However, Memorial has had to recently cancel several of these pop-up sites due to limited staff available.

The team is hoping for a drop in the spike some time around October and November, but says local residents must continue to get vaccinated as much as possible for this to become reality. Memorial Hospital Nurse Practitioner Rachael Nuschke said, “We’re just trying to get the community involved and get them going as much as we can. We know sometimes it’s limited by mobility or access to care, so we try to come to the communities to do it and promote it. I also work in the COVID line and it’s crazy. We are very exhausted now and we can’t keep sustaining at this level.”

For more information on Memorial COVID vaccination sites and availabilities call 228-867-5000.

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