TatoNut Closed

Ever since he took over his father’s business in 1983, making donuts has been David Mohler’s passion.
“I literally do make the donuts and I literally do start the mixer every day, every batch, and I do more or less get involved in every donut that comes out of the shop,” said Mohler.
He says every doughnut that leaves the shop is a part of him, and he just doesn’t feel comfortable with the business running while he is not around. Due to his recent back injury, he has decided to close up shop.
"It’s really the passion of other people’s stories that drives us to make the donuts that’s what it’s really always been about, everything else just follows that."
Ocean Springs residents love their Tato-Nut and for Melisa Entrekin, It’s become a family tradition.
"We’ll get them unglazed and use them as bread and make them as breakfast sandwiches the next day at my house so it’s a family tradition for us and I know for a lot of people as well,” said Entrekin.
Her family tradition doesn’t have to stop. It will just be put on hold for a while. David Mohler says that despite the rumors spreading, the date of the return is up in the air. One thing is for sure, they aren’t going anywhere.
"We’re definitely not moving out of town, we’re not closing and we’re not for sale basically at this point because I don’t know what else I can do but make donuts."

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