Taking It To The Streets

Last weekend taking a message to the streets in their fight to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and raise money while also raising awareness about this debilitating disease News 25’s Toni Miles emceed this year’s annual Walk To End Alzheimer’s at the Biloxi Town Green Saturday morning. Take a look something was growing on the Biloxi Town Green this weekend. Support for Alzheimer’s research as local residents joined together and plucked colored flowers expressing their personal experience with this deadly disease. Cindy Phillips: "These flowers are very important because they are a symbol of Alzheimer’s Disease. " Cindy Phillips carried a purple flower from the promise garden a symbol that she and her sisters lost their mother to Alzheimer’s back in 2014 event chairman Hannah Bahe share a similar story. Hannah Bahe, event chair for Walk To End Alz: "In March of this year, I lost my grandfather to Alzheimer’s. He was battling with symptoms for 12 years before he actually passed, so it’s been pretty tough." others carried flowers a sign that they care for someone currently living with the debilitating disease among them Dana Aver and her 3 children who participated in this year’s walk with the youth group from little rock missionary Baptist church as well as her three children. Dana Avery: "They are getting it firsthand because we live with my mother at this point in time. They get if first hand, her needs they try to meet. It’s good and bad at times, so they are learning the reality of Alzheimer’s." Toni Miles: “and this walk is also step in the healing process for the people taking part in it. One of the desired results is raising money to help find a cure for this debilitating disease."  Hannah Bahe, event chair: "I like being involved in it. It helps me for sure, getting other people involved and helping their healing process and hearing other stories and knowing you’re not alone and helping other people get through it too." and these strides paid off raising more than 41 thousand dollars through this year’s walk event organizers say that’s about 10 thousand more than last year. It’s not over yet as the Alzheimer’s association continues stretch to reach its fund raising goal this year. Which will hopefully lead to the ultimate goal of finding a cure for this disease that we’d rather forget.

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