Taking care of plants during cold snaps

With a cold snap coming through very soon, it is always important that your leafy friends are given proper care and attention.

News 25 spoke with Island Garden Shop Owner Paula Pettis, who has tips on how to keep vulnerable plants safe during the cold weather.

She says while many plants should be fine in the freezing temperatures, such as pansies, snap dragons, and other cool weather annual plants, other plants like tropicals and ferns should be given extra attention.

For these plants, Pettis recommends covering them with a heavy sheet and then a plastic cover such as a tarp to prevent them from freezing and burning.

If the plants are movable, it is also recommended to bring them as close to the house as you can or even inside if possible. “A lot of people have banana trees that actually fruit down here. Depending on your variety, a lot of those need to be covered. It’s just a simple thing like getting an old bed sheet, get an old table cloth, a tarp, anything like that that you can put out would make a huge difference.”

One festive trick Pettis also uses to keep fruit-bearing trees warm is to wrap Christmas lights around them to help keep them warm.

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