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1/9 – Rob Knight’s “Above Seasonal” Thursday Morning Forecast

A much warmer start this morning...but the focus continues to be the ENHANCED threat for SEVERE WEATHER Saturday.

3/28 – Rob Knight’s “Friday-Eve” Morning Forecast

With a humid wind flow yesterday afternoon, it's a warmer start this morning with areas of light fog...

2/1 – Rob’s MUCH WARMER Thursday Morning Forecast

After a FREEZING start yesterday morning, temps are a good 20 degrees warmer under cloudy skies...

1/19 – Rob’s Weekend/Warmer Forecast

A FRIGID start to the day but warmer than what we have seen this past week. The weekend will bring seasonal conditions back to the Gulf coast...

12/12 – Rob’s “Brief Warm-Up” Morning Forecast

From yesterday morning with low temps in the low 30s...to the upper 40s this morning as a cold front is overhead moving SE...

11/29 – Rob’s WARMER Mid-Week Forecast

After a few VERY COLD mornings, the humidity has increased...bringing warmer temperatures and areas of patchy fog this morning...

2/7 – Rob’s “Severe Threat” Tuesday Morning Forecast

Showers are already developing this morning as a system to our west moves east. The area is under a SLIGHT THREAT for severe weather...

1/25 – Rob’s “Hump Day…Warmer” Forecast

As the warmer air moves into the area in advance of an approaching cold front, areas of patchy fog has developed this morning...

1/11 – Rob’s Warmer & Foggy Forecast

The warm and humid air mass continues to move in from the Gulf providing for areas of patchy fog...

12/22 – Rob’s “Friday Eve” Forecast

As a weak cold front is moving through the area...light rain along with patchy fog is accompanying it...