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More auto insurance companies offering refunds

More auto insurance companies are offering customers refunds. Big name insurance companies are following the lead of Allstate which announced $600 million in refunds to...

Kemper Refunds near Completion

All but $3.6 million of $377 million in rate refunds related to Mississippi Power’s Kemper County plant are back in the hands of customers. Auditors...

Day Two of Mississippi Power Refund Selections

It’s day two of Mississippi Power refund selections.

Customers Begin Claiming Mississippi Power Refunds

Good news for Mississippi Power customers.

Mississippi Power Refunds

Mississippi Power Company says it prefers bill credits be the default option when refunding the 350 million dollars it must repay in money collected for its Kemper County power plant.

Mississippi Power to Refund Customers

Mississippi Power customers could see lower bills starting next month and refunds by November.