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Homeless Comm. Speaks Out in Defense of Kidnapping Suspect

The homeless community is speaking out after a member of their camp was arrested for rape and kidnapping.

Bay Councilman Arrested

Councilman Joey Boudin was arrested Monday on misdemeanor charges.

Afroman Punches Woman on Stage at Kress Live; Issues Apology

The show came to an abrupt halt after Foreman struck a female on stage while an audience member caught it all on camera.

Louisiana Woman Arrested for Stealing from Gulfport Church

A 44 year old Louisiana woman is in jail, accused of stealing from a Gulfport church.

3 People Arrested for Locking Children in Dog Cages

Gulfport Police has arrested three residents on counts of felony child abuse after police found two children in dog kennels.

St. Martin Teen Arrested for Armed Robbery & Burglary

A 19 year old St. Martin man was arrested and charged with armed robbery and burglary on Sunday.

Ocean Springs High Student Arrested for Making Threats

An Ocean Springs High School student has been charged with intimidation, threatening, or coercion after authorities discovered threats on a social media site.

Gulf Park Estates Woman Charged with Assaulting a Deputy

Interim Sheriff Charles Britt says a Gulf Park Estates woman is behind bars Tuesday after she punched a deputy during her D.U.I. arrest late Monday night.

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