Sweet Treats for Military

Dozens of military personnel won’t be able to go home for the holidays or spend Christmas around family. That’s why the Seabee Base in Gulfport is continuing its annual “Taste of Home” tradition.
Dozens of people in the community and on base donate baked goods and other tasty treats so general enlisted personnel can have access to a nice holiday meal on Christmas Day. This will be the fourth year for the celebration. Liberty Program Manager J.J. Atkinson said, “It definitely lifts their spirits and feedback from the public and from the military family is awesome. We get Facebook posts all the time from moms, wherever they’re from, wanting to donate for next year. They’re very excited and thankful that someone is here for them.”
That’s not the only thing general enlisted personnel have to look forward to this weekend. The base is also hosting a “Crockpot Christmas” where staff members bring loads and loads of their favorite crockpot dish.

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