Suspected Gang Members Indicted

Alleged gang members in Jackson County have been indicted on charges in connection with the kidnapping and brutal beating of a woman last year. They could be facing stiffer penalties.
News 25’s Gina Tomlinson ventured out to the site of the crime and spoke with residents and local authorities about gang activity in the county.
It’s hard to miss signs warning riff-raff to keep off this St. Martin street, but a home on Travis Avenue is a daily reminder of a neighborhood still scarred from a horrific crime, allegedly involving seven gang members. Just this week they were indicted for kidnapping and beating a woman at the abandoned house. Jackson County Sergeant Jeff Smith said, “As the investigation continued, we determined this case surrounded itself with gang activity.”
That gang, according to Smith, is the Simon City Royals, a gang known nationwide that has taken root in Jackson County. “There have been a lot of cases that have come to light in the last couple of years in Jackson County that involve the Simon City Royals. They’re local people. They’re from here,” said Smith.
Boarded up and marked with graffiti, that’s all that is left of the Travis Avenue home where authorities say gang members severely beat a woman back in 2015. “That house was known for drug activity,” said Smith.
Mac Broussard lives just a few houses down from the crime scene. He says he’s been robbed on this street before. When Jackson County’s district attorney declared war on gangs, Broussard’s stance was and still is on the side of justice. “Do the crime, do the time. Get them, get them off the street,” said Broussard.
As the case with the seven alleged gang members continues to move through the justice system, authorities say they will continue doing their part to keep gang violence off the streets of Jackson County. Sheriff Mike Ezell said, “They’re criminals. They prey on innocent people and we are going to do everything we can in our power to get them brought to justice.”

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