Surprise reunion at Woolmarket Elementary

There were a lot of tears and smiles at Woolmarket Elementary this morning as a military dad reunited with his son.

For Ezra Knight, what started out as an ordinary day in kindergarten turned into one he will never forget with the simple opening of a door.

Ezra’s dad, Zachary Knight, has been serving in the U.S. Navy overseas at Diego Garcia for just around a year. During that time, Knight has had to experience family milestones such as Ezra’s first day of kindergarten via FaceTime. “It’s not easy being away and missing a lot of things like the first day of school and among other things, tee-ball games, it’s just not very easy.”

This week, Knight returned home from deployment and with the help of family and Ezra’s teachers at Woolmarket Elementary, he delivered the surprise of a lifetime. “It’s been such a long time. I think that’s really what it is, it’s just excitement and love.”

And with nearly 20 days of quality time before Zachary has to head off again, the family plans to enjoy every moment they have together. Alexandria Knight said, “Just being together and playing toys, I’m sure, playing outside and all that great stuff that kids love to do.”

But for now, there’s one thing Ezra wants to do with his dad. “Go to Chick-Fil-A.”

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