Surprise Military Homecoming at Popp’s Ferry Elementary

Get your tissues ready, South Mississippi. A military dad surprised his daughter at Popp’s Ferry Elementary this morning after serving in Afghanistan for the past seven months.
News 25’s Laurene Callander reports on this emotional return.
Alexia Richardson raised her hand to answer on stage in front of her classmates to name a superhero who does not wear a cape. Little did she know her own hero stood tall at Popp’s Ferry Elementary after serving a seven month deployment in Afghanistan: her dad.
Tech Sergeant Casey Richardson teamed up with his wife Charity Richardson, an assistant teacher at the school, to surprise their daughter who has taken their long separation very hard. Charity Richardson said, “They have a very tight relationship. It’s really bothered him being gone, but I think she’s going to be so happy.”
Sgt. Casey Richardson said, “This was my first deployment. I had to learn a lot. It was tough being over there, being away from my family. I’m very happy to be back.”
Tears, hugs, and applause surrounded the gym as the Richardson family reunited. Even though it took Alexia a few seconds to realize what was happening, she could not be more ecstatic. “I never expected this. I’m so excited that my dad’s finally home after so long.”
The homecoming fell on Superhero Day at Popp’s Ferry Elementary, perfect timing for the reunion and a perfect example of a hero who does not wear a cape. “I like to think that I’m her hero,” said Sgt. Casey Richardson, “Being here during that day will really make her emotional and happy that I’m home.”

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