Supporters Rally for Initiative 58

Supporters in favor of taking the state flag down from county courthouse grounds spoke to supervisors in Harrison County as well. Those in favor of keeping the flag up also made their presence known.
Wallace Mason and other supporters of Initiative 58, legislation that would drive to keep the state flag in the constitution, were outside of the Harrison County Courthouse in Gulfport this morning. They were gathering signatures in support of the new initiative.
Mason also addressed the Harrison County Board of Supervisors about keeping the flag flying not only at the courthouse but across the state. “The state flag hasn’t done anything to keep the economy down. We’ve got plenty of business coming into the state and they’ve never said anything about the flag. It’s just like anything else that people have come up against the flag but it doesn’t mean what they are saying. It’s not offensive. It hasn’t done anything to hurt anyone.”
Mason said he and his supporters plan to be outside the courthouse garnering support all day.[mappress mapid=”2139″]

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