Super Bowl boycott

Looking for a place to boycott the Super Bowl on Sunday? Kwitzky’s Dugout Bar in Ocean Springs is the place to be for ‘Who Dat’ fans.

In regards to the Nola No-Call, Kwitzky’s will not show the Super Bowl. Instead they will air the 2009 NFC championship game against the Minnesota Vikings. After that they will show Super Bowl 44 between the Saints and the Colts.

Owner Kris Kwitzky tells News 25 his customers are on the same page and plans to have fun taking a stand against the NFL. “I just decided to go ahead and do it because my regular crowd that’s in here all the time, they didn’t demand it, but they certainly showed us their opinion. That’s the people who come in here all the time so we are going to do what they want to do.”

Doors will open up at 3 p.m. As you come and relive that magical Saints season, you can come across some commercials and bloopers that ran during that season.

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