Super Bowl betting odds impact on the Coast

Now knowing the Rams and Patriots will meet in the Super Bowl, it’s time to see how the big game will affect sports books on the Coast.

How did the sports book fare with the with the Saints not making it to Atlanta? Scarlet Pearl Sportsbook Director Nico Sfanos said, “It was a great day. We had a lot of fun here. People were able to watch their hometown Saints, make some wagers, but the outcome wasn’t quite what we were looking for.”

Now, the Rams and the Patriots will face off in Atlanta for Super Bowl 53. As far as the odds, New England is currently a one and a half point favorite with a total over under at about 58 and a half. “This game opened up as a pick ‘em yesterday. So, actually it was a toss-up. Right away it went to one and a half to two points,” said Sfanos.

IP Casino Resort and Spa Vice President/ General Manager Duncan McKenzie said, “They are both coming into this from overtime games and I think it should be a pretty close game.”

If you don’t want to bet on just the game, prop bets will make sure everybody enjoys Super Bowl Sunday. “If you’re not a sports better or football better, normally, there will be things offered for you to wager on that make it fun for you and the whole family,” said Sfanos.

Now, with the legalization of sports betting, the Coast will experience a new aspect of the big game in February, especially with the addition of a new sports lounge opening up for the IP Casino. “It was our High Tide restaurant and it’s going to be a dedicated space to sports betting so we are really excited,” said Duncan.

Sfanos said, “Now that sports gambling is legal here on the Coast, it just changes the whole scene for everybody. There’s going to be parties and there’s going to be people interested especially now that they can make a bet.”

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