Super Bowl 50 Matchup

It’s all been decided. The Carolina Panthers will play the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50.
The Broncos beat the reigning Super Bowl champs New England on Sunday. Quarterback Peyton Manning will be playing in his fourth Super Bowl. He’ll be the oldest quarterback ever to play in the Super Bowl at 39 years old.
The Carolina Panthers defeated the Arizona Cardinals 49-15 in Charlotte on Sunday night. Carolina was led by a tough defense that took the ball from the Cardinals seven times. Quarterback Cam Newton will play in his first Super Bowl in his five year career.
Local sports radio host Tommy Domenico said, “It’s good to see Peyton get back there again, especially after everything he just went through this season with the injury and being benched and things like that and fourth Super Bowl appearance for him and fourth different head coach is a fun fact to throw out. Cam Newton, I’m sure the Auburn fans are excited, but Panther Nation, they had a heck of a season and that was just amazing what they were able to do against the Cardinals yesterday.”
Carolina is an early favorite to win the game. It’s the Panthers’ second ever Super Bowl in the team’s 20 year history. Tommy D predicts Carolina will win by one touchdown.

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