Summer Nears an End for Biloxi Students

Class is not quite back in session for Biloxi City Schools, but the halls of Biloxi High, Biloxi Jr. High and Popp’s Ferry Elementary were all full of students, parents and teachers today.
From 4 to 5, Popp’s Ferry Elementary students were mostly excited to roam the hallways and meet their new teachers for the first time, plus the youngsters could also bring in their school supplies to drop off early.
Principal Todd Boucher tells News 25 he’s excited for the new year to get started to meet all of his students and return to a normal school schedule again. “Well, I’m pretty sure the kids are excited. I think the parents look actually more excited than the students, but the kids are very excited. We had a big kick off celebration here on Saturday. We gave away some school supplies and we had a real good turnout for that. I think everybody’s ready to come back to school.”
Biloxi City Schools will start the 2016-17 school year tomorrow.

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