Suicide Prevention Month

Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the United States. The month of September is a time dedicated to raise awareness about all of the resources available to help prevent suicide across the nation.
News 25’s Kendra Turley shows us how you can help right here in South Mississippi.
America loses nearly 42,000 people to suicide each year. People of all color and age struggle with depression, but only one in three people receive the treatment they need. Suicide prevention advocate Brian Roussel said, “Suicide is a part of someone’s life that will take it instantly and it has no friends.”
September is known as Suicide Prevention Month. Suicide is a difficult topic, but experts say communication is the most critical role in preventing suicide. “If people understand that they can have a support group of people that will go through the pain with them, that they have a better opportunity to reach out for help,” said Brian Roussel.
People all across the nation are using social media to communicate about the issue through the hashtag #stopsuicide. Suicide prevention advocates say something as simple as a 140 character tweet or an encouraging Facebook post can be the difference between life and death. Suicide prevention advocate Taylor Roussel said, “Whoever it may be, just talk about hey this is what I want to do, just talk about it in general. Just get it out there. Let’s just be the generation who stops suicide.”
If you know someone who is struggling with thoughts of suicide, always remember to “ACT” quickly: A- acknowledge the situation. C-show that you care. T-encourage treatment. “Ask them. Ask them what’s going on, just allow them to open up to you without any judgment or conviction toward them. Just sit there and listen,” said Taylor Roussel.
Here’s a list of local resources available for more help on suicide prevention:
• VA Gulf Coast Veteran’s Health Care System
• Gulf Coast Mental Health Center
• Connect Fellowship Church

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