Stuffed Animals Donated To Police Officers

Car accidents, fires, or any other tragedy can be traumatic enough for adults, but are even scarier for children. That’s why Shaggy’s decided to donate stuffed animals from their annual toy drive to local police departments….for officers to give to kids to help calm them down in times of crisis. In total Shaggys collected over 500 stuffed animals and this morning officers picked up the donations. “The thought was there’s a need year round for stuffed animals for police officers to be able to give to the kids when they come upon an incident that involves children…whether it be a domestic situation or a car accident or just a lost child…something to comfort these children.” – Marcella Richardson Shaggy’s Director Of Public Relations “This right here is a friendly item just for them to hold….just something to comfort them. A lot of us when we try to comfort them, they’re so traumatized from what happened to them. This right here is just another avenue for them to focus on instead of just us or what happened.
– Sgt. Reuben Sabio Biloxi Police Department.

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