Study: Mississippi roads are driving up expenses

Officials say transportation is the backbone of any state’s economy and the results of a study released today shows the shape of Mississippi’s roads are driving up expenses for motorists.
Officials from transportation group Trip presented their findings at a press conference at Jones Park in Gulfport today. According to Trip’s findings, Gulfport roads are costing drivers $1,300 each year. Some of what that number is drawn from includes vehicle repairs, traffic crashes, congested roads, and lack of safety features.
Author of Report, Research, and Communication for Trip Carolyn Kelly said, “In producing this report and sharing it with the residents of Mississippi that as these conversations are happening among the legislators and decision makers in the state, we want them to have all the information available so as they’re deciding how best to improve the roads and how to find the funding to do that, we want to provide the data that helps them to make those decisions.”
Also mentioned in the study, Mississippi roads and deteriorating bridges are costing the state’s drivers $2.9 billion a year. Officials say the problem is the fault of a lack of funding for new road projects state-wide.

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