Students weigh in on Gulfport construction

With the main entrance to Gulfport High School sitting on Courthouse Road, students weigh in on the construction project now that class is back in session.
Current construction stretches between the Courthouse Road and Highway 90 intersection up until the railroad tracks. However, the complete project includes paving Courthouse Road between Pass Road and Highway 90.
Students tell News 25 the current construction is not affecting their commute, but as roadwork continues to move north they may need to leave a few minutes earlier for school.
One student added his excitement for the pedestrian crossing signal at 33rd Street, saying it will be safer for his peers. Gulfport High School Senior Gabe Lacy said, “That’s very smart. I actually passed a girl crossing the street and it’s that thought that you know anything can happen. It’s really good, especially around here we’ve got everything new so just trying to make it safe and the best possibility for us to learn, I guess.”
Crews will also be installing raised medians from Perry Street south to Highway 90 with four lanes plus a continuous ten foot wide pathway for both walkers and bicyclists on each side of Courthouse Road.

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