Students return to class at Gulfport High School

School is back in session for students of the Gulfport School District.

News 25’s Gabby Cox went to Gulfport High School to get a look at some of the new safety measures in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Back to school is the moment many have questioned and awaited during the COVID-19 crisis. However, the main focus that lingers is how students and faculty would remain safe from the start of the year until the end.

Gulfport School District Director of Technology Dr. Tracy Daniel-Hardy said, “So really we’re concerned with making sure all of our students and teachers are safe so there is a plethora of ways we are doing that. Some of those include taking temperature checks, making sure students and adults are wearing their masks and they are wearing them properly. ”

Along with new precautions, such as grab and go lunches, required masks and social distancing, comes new equipment and even the option of virtual learning that are all effects of the pandemic. “New equipment, additional processes, we have quite a few children who will be participating in class virtually and that brings about an additional level of work and support that we have to provide. ”

About 1,700 students are enrolled here at Gulfport High School, but about a quarter of them opted out for virtual learning this year because of the pandemic, the staff is ensuring safety regulations, such as cleaning the little things. Guidance Counselor Cecilia Zahvdi said, “The amount of work that has gone into pulling this off is unbelievable and our administrators, our central office staff, technology department, our teachers is just this big team effort.”

With the safety measures being instilled in and out of the classroom, students both in school and virtually will look ahead to successful and healthy year.

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