Students Learn about Boating Safety

Watch out, there may be some new boaters on the water. A group of local students are on their way to getting licenses this week.
The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources teamed up with North Woolmarket Elementary and Middle School to give students an opportunity to earn a boating license by Friday. Sixth through eighth graders are learning the rules and regulations of being on the water each day during gym class. At the end of the week, a test will be given and if they pass, they can legally operate a boat.
PE teacher Aaron Garlotte tells News 25 this program is really beneficial for the kids living on the Coast. “All the deaths and overturn boats or all the accidents that happen on the water ways, we just really were excited the DMR wanted to do this with us and get these guys a good chance to learn about how to be safe on the water.”
Eighth grader Todd Fayard said, “I learned about the different sizes of the boat and what they are called and the safety.”
To learn more about getting a boating license, you can contact the DMR at 228-374-5000.
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