Students compete in USM 2023 Regional Seaperch Challenge

Middle and high school teams competed in an underwater robotics competition over the weekend, testing their engineering and problem-solving skills.

The University of Southern Mississippi held its 2023 Regional Seaperch Challenge Saturday at the Biloxi Natatorium.

All teams had to build underwater remotely operated vehicles featuring low-cost, easily accessible materials.

Each marine craft had to compete in an underwater obstacle course, a mission course, and show off their team chemistry and approach in a video. Xavier Thurman with Biloxi High School said, “Whenever you know, somebody didn’t know how to do something, somebody else might have known how to do it, and then they taught that other person like ‘hey, this is what you should do in this type of situation.’ So, like after high school, I feel like that will help you get used to working in a team and learning how to teach people and how to learn from other people.”

Biloxi High School won first place in the video competition and the team credits Robotics Coach Anthony Pitts for his efforts and help in bringing home a top prize.


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