Student panel on gun violence in Moss Point

Moss Point youth met with Mayor Mario King and city officials this evening to discuss the recent streak of gun violence in the city.

Students and teachers from Moss Point High School participated in a virtual panel where they were encouraged to talk about recent incidents in Moss Point and how their school and community environments can be improved.

Police Chief Brandon Ashley was on hand as well to answer students’ questions on how the police department can connect with kids.

Mayor King says these town hall meetings are designed to find ways to keep children safe. “We want to see our community thrive, not just survive, and so this is a part of us thriving and a part of us really, a part of the rejuvenation efforts.”

Students who served on the panel say they’re saddened and angered by recent events and the start of a dialogue is needed to create a safer Moss Point. Moss Point High School Freshman Kaylan Ford said, “We haven’t really had anything like this in a while, and to see ninth graders speaking out, that must really mean something.”

Moss Point High School Senior Kaiteari Ward said, “I’m a believer that if people put in enough effort that, you know, that positivity, a positive result will come out of it.”

Mayor King has extended the nightly 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew for minors in the city for the next five days.

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