Student Athlete of the Week: D’Iberville Middle School’s Julie Segroves

D’Iberville’s stand out pole vaulter and straight A student Julie Segroves is soaring to new heights this season and she’s only in the eighth grade.

D’Iberville High Pole Vault Coach Weldon Galle said, “I think she’s brought a little bit of light into the pole vault community and has more people talking about it. Just nobody ever talks about it and finally we have people talking about it.”

Julie Segroves has the Coast buzzing after a season in which the eighth grader became a state champion and set a 6A girls varsity record in pole vault, clearing the bar at 12 feet seven inches in just her second high school track meet ever.

That same vault claiming the number one ranking in the nation for eighth grade girls outdoor track for Segroves. “It’s not as easy as it seems. It’s kinda hard to get the technique down because you’ll try a lot of times. And it will just be the same thing over and over until that one time you do it correct. Then you finally understand.”

Segroves’ accomplishments didn’t come without obstacles. This season, the vaulter was forced to take two weeks off to rehab a small fracture in her plant foot and then later strained her knee.

Through it all, Segroves knew she’d get back to competing. “It’s just the love for the sport and just wanting to get back out there to show your skills off.”

“You know, she’s a hundred miles per hour every time, every practice. She don’t have any quit in her. She’s just always ready to go.”

The 13-year-old’s story could be considered one where perseverance meets destiny. With a father who was a college pole vaulter, Seagroves cleared four foot seven on her first jump ever in the second grade. “He’s reviewed videos a lot with me at home to show me the right technique and form. And before I even started pole vaulting, he would have me do drills for like pole carries to help get me ready.”

Segroves became a state champion pole vaulter on the back of perfection, clearing her first three heights and setting a new state record with a 12-foot jump on her first try while it took her opponent two tries.

When the bar was raised to 12’6”, neither girl cleared and Segroves claimed first on fewer misses. “My goal is to reach 13 feet. But I want to stay at more of a steady pace and then slowly, gradually work up because you don’t want to top out right in the beginning.”

“We’re not trying to break records. We’re not trying to be the best in the nation. We’re just trying to be.”

Segroves hopes to eventually earn a college scholarship for pole vaulting.

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