Stroke of the Master: A Gift Revived

A South Mississippi man who has lived behind bars for years has found new life with the stroke of a paintbrush and a touch from God.
News 25’s Gina Tomlinson shows us the inspiration behind the man and murals you’ve likely seen in Hancock County and a new twist that’s taken place in his life.
After years in prison, Lucian Padron was done hiding his talent behind the bars of a jail cell. “I took a request form and on the back of the request form, I drew them a portrait. I told them I was an artist.”
The murals on the wall at the Hancock County Jail all started with the stroke of Padron’s paintbrush and a request form to become an inmate worker. The jail was slated to be remodeled and Padron used a drawing of a dog on the back of his form to prove he could lend a hand with the process. The drawing landed him an opportunity to paint artwork on the K-9 building. Commander Jeremy Skinner said, “He did a great job and then once everybody started seeing that, we had him move from room to room and paint different things for different offices. We actually had outside departments request him and get him to do work.”
Under supervision, Padron painted his way around town. This is more than artwork, Padron, a former tattoo artists, says after years in prison he’s a changed man. His gift revived, his faith strengthened, as the hand of God leads him on a new path in life and helps him create his masterpieces. “As I’m working through the painting, I’m steadily talking to Him and it is like, every time I do one it turns out all right. It turns out beautiful,” said Padron.
The brushes that Padron uses when he paints are actually made out of human hair which deputies helped collect from local barber shops. “Brushes they sell everywhere else. I mean, they’re pretty good, but not as good as the ones I can make,” said Padron.
Padron hopes to one day be hired as a painter, a goal not far out of reach considering he is now a free man.

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