Street Sweeping Underway

A common sight for those driving along the Coast includes sand and some debris on the side of the road. Biloxi officials want that to change.
Fifteen major roadways will be cleaned monthly. Popps Ferry Road and Pass Road, the more frequently traveled paths, will be swept twice a month.
During an initial three mile cleanup of Popps Ferry, Sweep Masters filled an entire dump truck with sand and debris, which is four times the normal amount picked up in a three mile stretch.
Residents of Biloxi are thankful for the clean sweep, especially those who run or bike along Highway 90. Biloxi resident Donna Alley said, “I think that is an absolutely wonderful idea, especially for the safety of runners and bikers. I think it’s very important. Maybe two years ago after we had a big storm it was pretty dangerous for bikers and runners to run along the beach sidewalk.”
Biloxi’s partnership with Sweep Masters costs the city $55 per curb mile or $150 an hour. Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich hopes once a schedule solidifies, crews will be out two or three days a week.

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