Stray bullet goes through Saucier family’s window

A Saucier family has had their peace of mind stolen after a stray bullet came crashing through their window last week.

Jamie Hasted is a widow to a Marine veteran and she takes care of her three young kids on her own.

Last week, Jamie and two of her children were sitting in their playroom when a bullet came through their window, just inches away from where her three-year-old son was playing.

Jamie says so much more than just her window was broken. Her family’s sense of security is also shattered.

Jamie hopes that her close call will raise awareness about gun safety. “I don’t care if you shoot guns off, just do it safely. You don’t know what or who you can harm. You could have hit one of my three-year-old twins and not only would I have been a widow, I would have had a child that passed away as well over someone’s recklessness. Just make sure your targets are proper and be sure to be safe about it.”

Now Jamie is left to figure out how to replace her window on her fixed income.

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