Storm plans in place at Institute for Marine Mammal Studies

As a precautionary measure, the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies has put plans in place to protect their facilities and animals from the weather.

Sea turtles in the institute’s care have been moved inside the veterinary hospital for safety. Dolphins currently remain in their pools, but all obstacles including coverings have been removed.

Biologists and staff continue to monitor the behavior of animal’s right now and the site’s generators are on standby if the need arises.

Stranding Coordinator Theresa Madrigal says the sea turtles generally adjust quickly after being moved to a new location. “They can get a little stressed, but generally over a couple of hours or so they’ll calm down where they are in their new tubs for right now.”

IMMS will wait until the forecast for Laura is more certain before making a decision on when to move the turtles to their normal locations.

Their 24/7 hotline will still be monitored for people to report stranded sea turtles and dolphins.

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