Storm damage in Jackson County

Severe weather affected several families in Jackson County last night.

Norman Overstreet owns a house on Bilbo Road in Vancleave where a tree fell directly on top of his roof as results of straightline winds.

Overstreet says he planted that tree himself back in 1988 and feels blessed that no one was hurt during the storm. “It was very close and it was late at night, 11:30. We were already in bed asleep, but some people saying it was straightline winds, but I’ve been through a tornado before and this one had the train sound. It was like up and down. It never stayed on the ground. We’re lucky. We dodged a bullet. The people in north Mississippi, they don’t even have a house to live in you know?”

Overstreet says the Vancleave community stepped up in a big way, starting early this morning to help him and his family with the cleanup efforts with as many as 30 people chipping in throughout the course of the day.

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