Storm Damage in South Mississippi

A line of severe weather prompted a tornado warning and closed at least one roadway in Harrison County this morning, after a car struck a tree along West Wortham Road.
That’s just one example of some of the damage this morning’s severe weather caused in South Mississippi.
If you had seen this yard yesterday, you would have noticed a large trampoline sitting in the middle of it, a source of entertainment for the kids who live there. Now, it’s in the neighbor’s yard. Harrison County resident Janet Thompson said, “They got up and wanted to know who moved the trampoline down to the woods.”
It wasn’t a person who moved it but gusts of wind from this morning’s thunderstorm. Thompson was babysitting her nieces and nephews in Lizana when a severe weather alert startled her awake at about 5 a.m. “It was very windy and rainy and the trees were really bending really low. You could see debris kind of flying around. It was pretty bad there for about, I’d say, 45 minutes,” said Thompson.
Thankfully, all they had to worry about was the toppled trampoline and maybe a cable outage because just a few miles down West Wortham Road, a crew from Cable One was out making repairs after the slick road conditions caused a woman to crash her car into a tree that took out a cable line. Cable One Advanced Technician David DiLorenzo Jr. said, “Our expectations are always the worst. We have a crew on call 24/7 waiting for emails or phone calls. As soon as we got this one this morning, we had a crew rolling out here to assess the damage.”
This comes to us as those in Northern Mississippi are picking up the pieces after Wednesday’s tornado that killed ten people. Thankfully, the worst of the damage here only included some downed trees, power and cable lines and maybe a toppled trampoline or two. “Over the past week, week and a half, we’ve been very lucky down here as far as damage goes. It could have been a lot worse, as we’ve seen upstate,” said DiLorenzo Jr.
While officials say the worst of these particular storms are behind us, the rain is expected to linger throughout the rest of the week.
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