Stores to Remove Confederate Flag Merchandise

Big corporations like EBay, Amazon, Sears and Wal-Mart are now saying you won’t find Confederate Flag merchandise in their inventory. Well, now local businesses like Sharkheads Souvenir Shop is Biloxi will not advertise the Confederate Flag in the front of the store.
News 25’s Shelby Myers spoke to owner J.J. Piertoch who said he has been phasing out the Confederate Flag from his selves for nearly 15 years now. The only reason he lives it in his store is for historical purposes since Jefferson Davis lived in Biloxi when he was president of the Confederacy.
Some locals are saying they see no reason to remove it completely: “I think it’s absurd. I really do. I don’t know why we have to all of a sudden hide our heritage. The Civil War was over slavery, we understand that, but can we take that away? No. It is what it is,” said David Robbins, a Mississippi native.

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