Stone County Pine Hill Festival taking place March 20-21 in Downtown Wiggins

In some of the Deep South’s best small towns, even the street names proclaim the area’s ties to agricultural culture and the power of the natural world.

Pine Street is one of the best of these streets located in Downtown Wiggins and surrounded by the towering longleaf pines from which it borrows its name.

These stately pines served not only to help build both the economic and literal foundations of the small town of Wiggins, Mississippi, and all of the surrounding areas, but they also inspired one of the oldest festivals in the entire state of Mississippi.

Now, many decades later, you have the opportunity to participate in what has become an important local tradition, the Pine Hill Festival.

Beginning Friday, March 20th and running through Saturday, March 21st, crowds will gather up and down historic Pine Hill and throughout Blaylock Park and the surrounding areas.

You’ll enjoy the best of the festival favorites; great food, fantastic music, children’s activities, arts and crafts and the knowledge that you’re a part of something vital and significant to the Stone County area, a rite of passage for locals and travelers alike.

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