Stone County community baby shower to help mothers prepare for child birth

To help mothers prepare for child birth, the United Way of South Mississippi, along with Memorial Health System, hosted a community baby shower at the Westside Community Center in Stone County.

The community baby shower was free to all pregnant women and parents of children nine months of age and under.

Food, prizes, gifts, as well as valuable health information was presented by speakers. The Mississippi Department of Health gifted each mother a brand-new car seat.

A major topic at the community shower was the current formula shortage going on in the United States. Attendee Lela Powell said, “My baby is on ANR infant formula. I know I searched all the Walgreens, Walmarts, the Froogel’s, and grocery stores and can’t find it nowhere from the Coast to Hattiesburg to Wiggins. So, it has affected me a lot to where I had to switch my formula today.”

Dr. Angela Pressley-Wallace said, “It’s not okay to use regular standard milk such as adult milk or plant-based milk. It’s really important to use formula that is made for an infant.”

This was an event collaboration aimed at providing supplies, support, and parental education to expectant and new families.

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