Stennis Space Center Part II

Now that we’ve conquered the moon, our gaze has been set on the red planet. To understand how difficult the journey will be, we turn to a voice from Stennis’ past.
"Landing on the moon was bad enough, but the moon was only a little two hundred thousand miles from earth. Mars is a year away, just to get there,” said Jerry Hlass.
NASA is accepting that challenge as Stennis prepares to test the new space launch system, or SLS.
Technology has grown exponentially since man first walked on the moon.
“We went to the moon with one megabyte, not one gigabyte. One megabyte was our main computer."
The A-1 test facility at Stennis was first used to test parts for the Saturn five rocket for the Apollo missions in the sixties, and has since been converted to test rockets for the new SLS system which will propel manned flights to Mars by the year 2030."
“Mars is that next ultimate destination for humans, it’s one of our closest celestial neighbors, it has a psychological allure because of being in the skies and people from time immortal talking about "well there’s that red thing there,” said Randy Galloway.
NASA and others have been sending probes and rovers successfully to Mars for over a decade. From the Mars Odyssey in 2001, to the Curiosity Rover in 2011 and the Mars Orbiter in 2013, the information they have gathered has been invaluable.
The mission to Mars is expected to take more than a decade, but people are already working on what comes next.

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