STEM Exhibit for Thunder over the Sound

South Mississippi has seen high anticipation for Thunder over the Sound beginning tomorrow!

Keesler is throwing in something to ignite your STEM brain. Both days of the show there will be a science, technology, engineering, and math exhibit.

There will be all kinds of interactive things to do with Stennis Space Center, Jackson County Fab Lab, and Home Depot. There is also an Air Force performance lab which has a flight simulator inside. This simulator shows you what it’s like to fly an F-35 plane.

This is the first time Keesler decided to have a STEM Exhibit in conjunction with the air shows. Senior Airman Holly Cook said, “We wanted to add this to the air show this year to bring in an educational place for the children to go. This is available to kids of all ages all the way to high school to kind of learn about the different career fields within the Air Force, but also learn about fields that fall under STEM.”

The exhibit and Air Force performance lab will be open until 3:30 so the fun continues even after the air show has moved off base.

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