Steady Rain Causes Concern in Jackson County

The wet conditions are a concern for residents throughout Jackson County, where a state of emergency was declared earlier this week.
Early this morning, the men and women of the U.S. Navy and representatives from Ingalls Shipbuilding gathered at the dock to see off the USS John P. Murtha, an amphibious assault transport dock that’s been in construction at the Pascagoula based shipyard for over four years. However, the weather had other plans.
Conditions delayed the ships departure until nearly noon as Jackson County continues to experience heavy rainfall that is expected to continue into the weekend.
Earl Etheridge with Jackson County Emergency Management urges residents to exercise caution as the system creates the potential for flash flooding in low lying areas. “We’ve received about three inches here at the office since midnight. We’ve had some isolated street flooding throughout the county. We’ll get some heavy pockets of rain, streets go under, rain slacks off, streets drain off, it rains again, streets come back up. It’s going to be ongoing probably throughout about Sunday.”
As early as Tuesday afternoon, the county had already began to experience flooding in areas of Pascagoula and Ocean Springs, but several sand bag distribution locations have been established to help residents prepare for rising water levels.
Due to this substantial amount of rainfall, it’s important to exercise caution in areas where water might possibly cover the roadways.
With some areas already close to the predicted amount of total rainfall initially expected from this system, it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry in the event that your neighborhood experiences flooding.

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