Staying safe on the roads while traveling for Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend is almost upon us, but while you are celebrating it is important to make sure you are being safe.

Last year, more than 43 million Americans traveled during Memorial Day Weekend.  While travel is expected to be down this year as people focus on their health, being safe on the roadways should still be your top priority.

Last year, Mississippi was ranked as the second most dangerous state for travel over Memorial Day Weekend.

The Gulfport Police Department wants to remind everyone to be smart on the roads and always designate a driver if you plan on drinking. Detective Jason Ducre said, “I know everyone has been cooped up for an extended period of time. So, everyone wants to get out, have fun, and enjoy some fresh air. First tip is don’t drink and drive, that is the most important one. Second, I know people will be taking little road trips and just getting out of the house. Make sure you check your cars, check your tires, check your fuel, plan your route, wear your seat belts.”

The Gulfport Police Department wants to remind everyone to practice patience when on and off the road.

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