Staying safe during severe weather

The Harrison County Emergency Operation Center is closely monitoring conditions in South Mississippi. They want to make sure you stay safe.

Severe weather this time of the year isn’t uncommon, but EMA Director Matt Stratton wants to stress the importance of preparing for potentially damaging conditions these storms can bring our way.

He recommends staying weather alert with a NOAA weather radio or an app like our WXXV weather app and most importantly, have a plan if there’s a warning put in place.

Once a tornado warning is issued, you may only have minutes before you’re in imminent danger. “Take cover when a warning is issued. There’s a bit of confusion on what a watch means or what an advisory means, but it’s really a warning means danger is approaching and you need to get to a safe location when a warning is put out.”

Stratton also recommends having an emergency supply kit ready and securing your house when we are threatened by severe weather.

The same supplies and strategies can be used throughout hurricane season which begins June 1st.

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