State Wants Resiliency Grant

When natural disasters hit, the people in its path are left to pick up the pieces after the damage is done. What if you can’t afford to pick up the pieces? Right now, states are vying for millions in disaster resilience funds to help in the wake of these disasters.
Today, News 25’s Bryan Kennedy shows us why leaders with the Mississippi Development Authority believe Moss Point is the ideal candidate to receive this grant.
Victor Martin has lived in his east Moss Point house for more than 30 years. And still, some things never change. “When that bridge floods down there, then we have a problem in this neighborhood and the next two blocks down. We get a deluge of rain. We get floods that come up to my door, maybe 5 feet to my door,” said Martin.
Today, Moss Point city leaders met with the Mississippi Development Authority to try and help Martin and other residents who struggle with flooding problems and other problems stemming from Mother Nature and natural disasters. They applied for the National Disaster Resilience Grant. This grant makes funds available to help communities plan and better prepare for natural disasters, making them more resilient to future threats. Only states that have suffered a natural disaster between 2011 and 2013 qualify. Hurricane Isaac back in 2012 landed Mississippi in the fold.
Moss Point Mayor Billy Broomfield said, “It’s not a guarantee, like I said earlier. It’s a competition but we believe that our projects will qualify for a large sum of that grant money.”
City leaders tell News 25, they’d also help homeowners take preventative measures like elevating their house to prevent it from flooding. They’d also be there in the case of an emergency. “These funds would help us to elevate those people or to buy their homes and replace them in another area,” said Mayor Broomfield.
For now, residents in east Moss Point will just have to seek higher ground and hope this grant money comes through.
“West of here, on Mill Street and Kreole, they get flooded like a river down there,” said Martin, “Every time we have a deluge of rain, it just floods down there. The same thing happened in Katrina. Those roads were inaccessible. You couldn’t get down those roads.”
City leaders want to remind Moss Point residents there will be an open house until 7 today at City Hall that everyone can attend.

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