State Superintendent of Education Visits Coast

Wednesday, a top leader for education was on the Coast in Biloxi.

Mississippi State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Carey Wright, addressed students at North Bay Elementary Wednesday morning. Dr. Wright is a big advocate for early childhood education. This year, the school board is asking the legislature for an additional $6 million for the state’s pre-k collaborative. Dr. Wright says investing in our children’s education early on can wind up saving the state money in the long run.

Dr. Wright says, “It’s so much easier to invest in pre-k. The research is there that says for every dollar you invest in pre-k, you get seven on the other end. It’s much more expensive to remediate children when they are in middle school and high school than it is to educate little ones that are coming in as 4 year olds.”

Last year, the state awarded $3 million for the pre-k collaborative. Dr. Wright says they have three times as many applicants for pre-k as they have money, which is why it’s so important to acquire more funding.

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