State Senator Sean Tindell resigns

Sean Tindell is hanging up his hat as state senator for District 49.
Senator Tindell is officially resigning from his position with the Senate after serving as a state senator since 2012. Tindell is in Jackson right now and will be sworn into the Mississippi Court of Appeals tomorrow morning.
News 25 caught up with Senator Tindell about his transition. Tindell says it’s been a great honor to represent the place he grew up. “It was a very, very, very difficult decision to make because I have enjoyed it immensely, being a legislature and representing my hometown. I also believe that when people are in political office, they should take the opportunity to represent their districts and at a certain point, go on, and undertake other endeavors and give those behind them an opportunity to serve as well.”
Tindell is replacing Judge David Ishee’s position. Judge Ishee was appointed to the Mississippi Supreme Court in September. A special election will be held to decide who will fill the remaining two years of Tindell’s term.

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