State Representative Jeramy Anderson Speaks Out on Failed Moss Point Restaurant Tax

Moss Point citizens narrowly voted down a proposed two percent restaurant tax on Tuesday.

The purpose of the tax was to help fund the maintenance of public buildings and sports fields as well as support tourism initiatives.

Following the failed proposal, State Representative Jeramy Anderson, who represents the Moss Point area, had this to say:

“While I’m disappointed that voters rejected a chance to better fund Moss Point’s parks and recreation facilities, I remain optimistic for the city’s future. I promise to work hard at the legislative level to bring more and better opportunities for our children, and I welcome any ideas from supporters and opponents of this plan alike for how we can secure more money for parks and recreation. Though I understood some had reservations about the additional tax and did not see it as a favorable option, my response to that is that the alternative is our kids being idle, becoming easy prey to gangs and the criminal life which is simply unacceptable. I’d much rather see our children learning the values of hard work and team spirit on the athletic fields, than learning how to hustle and scam on the streets.”

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