State Officials on Initiative 42

Today Governor Phil Bryant, Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves and other Republican officials came down to the Coast to hold a press conference in regard to Initiative 42 and how they feel people should vote.
Initiative 42, which was created by the public, requires the state to fully fund MAEP. There is an alternative to Initiative 42. 42A, which is created by the legislature, would have lawmakers create another method of funding schools instead of using MAEP’s formula.
Republican officials are encouraging voters to vote against both measures and if they do vote for one, vote for 42A. “We need to know our tax dollars are going to help educate children. That’s a simple and standard fact as I can express,” said Bryant
“We’ve increased funding for public education by $400 million a year in the last four years. For those who think we need to spend more money on public education, I agree and that’s why we’ve led the charge to raise teacher’s salaries in the last four years,” said Reeves.
Voting for this initiative will take place on November 3rd.

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