State of the State Address

Governor Phil Bryant revealed future plans for Mississippi during his State of the State address in Jackson. News 25’s Kendra Turley gives us a closer look at the governor’s 2016 legislative agenda.
A better tax system, improved roadways throughout the state and an even higher employment rate are just some of the goals on Governor Phil Bryant’s 2016 legislative agenda. “There are over 41,000 careers available across the state while over 12,000 individuals are receiving unemployment benefits,” said Governor Bryant.
Governor Bryant revealed future plans for the state during his first State of the State address of his second term as governor. “If revenues continue to be under projections,” said Governor Bryant, “I’ll transfer an additional amount of funds and make similar cuts to state agencies.”
During his address, Governor Bryant also mentioned plans for the $150 million awarded to the state through the Restore Act settlement. Beginning in 2019, $40 million a year will be forwarded to the legislature from the settlement until 2033. “I do feel strongly about the restoration of the Gulf Coast. After all, it was the Gulf Coast that felt the impact of the largest environmental disaster in this nation’s history,” said Governor Bryant.
Applause echoed through the building as Governor Bryant encouraged a change in the way local superintendents of education are selected. Bryant stated that two charter schools opening in Jackson are just an example of Mississippi education moving forward in the right direction. “Your zip code or income level should not determine your opportunity to get a good education in Mississippi,” said the governor.
From a stronger education system to stronger infrastructure, Bryant assured the state that with these goals his second term as governor will be just as successful, if not more successful, than his first. “We now face a new year where I am able to inform the people and the duly elected members of the House and the Senate the state of the state of Mississippi is sound.”

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