State leaders participate in ‘principal for the day’ at Ocean Springs School District

The Ocean Springs School District hosted its yearly ‘Principal for a Day’ where state leaders spend the day shadowing principals at three different schools.

This is to help the state leaders better understand what the school needs to improve the education experience for student.

Jeffrey Guice had a day off from his normal duties as Mississippi House Representative to switch roles with Principal Jennifer Necaise at Ocean Springs Upper Elementary for Principal for the Day.

Guice was more than happy to be involved and lend a helping hand when it came to a busy schedule for the school day. “It’s just listening and learning. That’s why we’re here at school is to listen to the educators, listen to the children and make sure we are better prepared to do our jobs and improve education in Mississippi.”

This is Principal Necaise’s second time participating in ‘Principal for a Day.’ She thinks it brings the community together and shows that they can partner together to make students’ learning experiences the best. “Mr. Guice has been so nice. I’m not nervous. I think at first, I was, but he came in immediately we started having conversation and talking about what’s happening in the legislature around education and he’s talked about what he has helped us do, the teacher pay raise, the tax bracket increase that helps teachers, the different performance levels and the accountability model. It’s been nice. It’s been an easy conversation.”

Principal Necaise thinks Principal for the Day is an easy way to understand the rewards and challenges of the school leadership and wants to continue to do it with and involve other school districts.  “I want him to take that education is evolving and that we are continually making gradual and progressive changes for the better and that our students are happy and thriving while they are learning here at Ocean Springs School District.”

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