State Lawmakers Push for Tax Law Overhaul

Some local state lawmakers do not agree with Governor Phil Bryant’s tax cut proposal.

Bryant says he wants to cut taxes for Mississippians who earn less than $53,000 a year as part of his 2016 budget proposal. The tax cut would average $250 a year to those who are eligible. State Representative Scott DeLano says Mississippi is a poor state that would benefit from an entire rewriting of state tax laws.

DeLano says, “Tax cuts are always very nice and very politically popular in an election year. However, I think what the State of Mississippi needs is a wholesale look at their tax code and that’s not going to be done in this legislative session.”

Representative DeLano says he would like to see a rewrite of the tax law within the next two or three years, a rewrite that would benefit all Mississippians rather than a select few.

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